Construct Courses In When Ski Lifts Go Wrong On Nintendo Switch In Early 2019

When Ski Lifts Go Wrong Key Art

Curve Digital and Hugecalf Studios have announced that When Ski Lifts Go Wrong will release on Nintendo Switch, an icy, low-poly physics puzzler that mixes construction with destruction.

You must build ski-themed courses, constructing chairlifts, gondolas and ramps in the hop to help skiers, boarders and snowmobile drivers to the finish line without them tumbling to a premature death after landing face first in the snow.

“Many digital concussions were caused in the making of When Ski Lifts Go Wrong… but that’s a small price to pay when developing a game which brings fresh ideas to the classic games that came before it (such as Poly Bridge and Bridge Constructor),” explains Hugecalf Studios producer and game designer Jonny Hughes.

“We’re always thinking of (and being shown by our playtesters) new ways to maim skiers, snowboarders and other people daft enough to visit our virtual ski resorts. Over two years we perfected our building tools, but it’s funny to think that the addition of blood was an afterthought to this otherwise peaceful construction and puzzle game.”

“We’ve seen the incredible response Hugecalf has received during Early Access and we’re delighted to be building on this for Nintendo Switch,” adds Publishing Director at Curve Digital publishing director, Simon Byron. “Together with the development team here at Curve, we’ve planned a ton of exciting new updates and content.”

When Ski Lifts Go Wrong will release on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch worldwide in early 2019.

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