Conquer Your Fears In The Perfect Pencil On Nintendo Switch

The Perfect Pencil Logo

Studio Cima has announced that its narrative adventure game The Perfect Pencil will release on Nintendo Switch.

The developer has looked to challenge you to comprehend and face uncomfortable situations that stem from your fears and anxieties, in a game with combat and platforming elements that take inspiration from action-adventure games like Hollow Knight and psychological depth to its characters as seen in games such as Celeste and Limbo.

“As you walk through mind-bending landscapes, the significance of the locales will start to become clear. The world is full of meaning, the characters are metaphors and personifications, and not everything is as chaotic as it looks,” the developer explains. “This land mirrors emotions, represents psychological reactions to fear and reflects human moods. The journey of the main character is also a reflection of his personal growth and throughout his journey players will face decisions that challenge their perception of the human psyche.”

That will require that you engage in unusual interactions, be faced with challenging choices and explore your surroundings to make surprising discoveries.

“I’m so proud and excited to finally announce The Perfect Pencil, a project made with love, attention and commitment,” explains Studio Cima director Stefano Rauzi. “It was born from the idea of telling a personal story of psychological struggle, through interaction with peculiar and multifaceted characters.

“The video game medium gives the opportunity to create an immersive experience that I hope will allow the players to confront and discover something about themselves while building their own personal path. The Perfect Pencil is our attempt at creating a unified narrative experience that encapsulates a vulnerable, beautiful element of the human condition.”

The Perfect Pencil will release digitally on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch worldwide, with no release window as yet confirmed.

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