Conquer The Stone Age In Warparty On Nintendo Switch

Warparty Screenshot

Crazy Monkey Studios and Warcave have announced that Warparty will release on Nintendo Switch this month, a real-time strategy game with a mystical Stone Age setting.

In this prehistoric world of humans, dinosaurs, and magic, three factions – the proud Wildlanders, the menacing Necromas, and the vengeful Vithara – discover artifacts of the Go’n. This ancient race became extinct after a great war, and now, with artifacts in hand, the factions look to succeed where they had failed.

You must build your base, train units, and lead them to conquer your enemies. There are ancient Go’n Shrines that you can capture, using their power to unleash devastating spells. And then there are dinosaurs that you can hunt or recruit into your army.

On Nintendo Switch, you can lead your chosen faction to victory in the Campaign mode, battle it out against in the AI Skirmish mode, or build a base and last as long as possible in Survival Mode.

Warparty will release on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch worldwide on March 28th priced at $24.99.

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