Conquer Castle Kong On Nintendo Switch Next Month

Castle Kong Screenshot

Drowning Monkeys Games has announced that Castle Kong will soon see release on Nintendo Switch.

This has been created as a home to the arcade classic Donkey Kong, challenging you to overcome 22 levels across four different stages with just three lives to complete your quest.

“Castle Kong to the vast majority on initial inspection will look exactly like an original presentation lacking certain finesse and sophistication of a technology-led processor hungry title which is exactly our aim,” explains Drowning Monkeys Games’ Josh Chudnovsky.

“We wanted to create a game that looked, felt and played like an arcade classic of bygone days, a truly heartfelt homage to a classic, like Donkey Kong.

“Offering both a challenge and having an appeal that makes the player want to play just a little bit more each time they load up, whether it be for five minutes or a few hours, Castle Kong fits perfectly. Complete the game, reach the kill screen and you could be the big cash prize winner!”

Castle Kong will release on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch worldwide on 4th July 2020.

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