Connect Your Nintendo Switch To Any Screen With The FastSnail HDMI Type C Adapter


FastSnail has revealed their HDMI Type C Adapter for Nintendo Switch, looking to provide players with a portable alternative to the Nintendo Switch Dock.

The plug-and-play device has a small, compact size and lightweight design, coming in response to the accessory maker’s criticism about the heat dissipation when the portable home console is placed in the Nintendo Switch Dock.

Importantly, it will help you to quickly connect your Nintendo Switch to any TV screen, desktop computer, or laptop, that will come in particular use when travelling. But, the HDMI Type C Adapter will still require an external power source, and, for some reason, FastSnail has chosen not to provide one – pointing out that the adapter that comes with the console will work.

FastSnail has released a range of products for Nintendo Switch since the portable home console launched, including a Joy-Con Grip, Joy-Con Steering Wheel, Joy-Con Charger, Joy-Con Charging Grip, USB-C Extension Charging Cable, Controller Converter, and AC Adapter.

However, I must point out that none of these products are officially licensed, and, therefore, those that choose to purchase and use them will do so at their own risk.

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  1. Looking similar like Kacosata Nintendo Switch Dock USB-C Type HDMI Adapter in 3ds-flahscard onine store. I suppose they are both from the Chinese market.

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