Confront Depression In Actual Sunlight On Nintendo Switch This Month

Actual Sunlight Logo

WZO Games has announced that Actual Sunlight will release on Nintendo Switch this month.

First released in 2013, this short interactive story about love, depression, and the corporation was praised for its candid and unflinching depiction of mental illness, game addiction, and social isolation.

Considered to be one of the “bleakest and best-written experiences,” you are challenged to confront the life of Evan Winter: An overweight, lonely, and severely depressed young professional.

This largely text-based adventure mixes sharp observation with pitch-black humour to capture your interest right through to the game’s shattering conclusion – resulting in what the developer believes will be among the “most difficult, haunting and beautiful experiences” you will have ever had from a game.

Actual Sunlight will release on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch worldwide on 28th January 2020 priced at £8.09 ($8.99),

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