Competitive Brick-Basher LEGO Brawls Given September Release Date

LEGO Brawls Logo

Bandai Namco Entertainment has confirmed a release date for LEGO Brawls on Nintendo Switch.

From developer RED Games, this multiplayer, brick-bashing platformer takes inspiration from iconic LEGO sets, where, after having the chance to build your own minifig hero, you will be able to battle it out solo or against friends in this team-action brawler.

With the chance to mix and match official LEGO bricks to create your own customised Minifigure brawler, you will charge into battle with everything from baguettes and pie cannons to boomboxes and rocket fists.

There are multiple multiplayer modes to brick-bash your opposition in, with online leaderboards to climb. Whether you are battling it out for bragging rights with friends and family in local multiplayer or against the world online, you can participate in competitive matches with up to eight players or co-op matches with between two to four players.

The publisher has outlined the game’s features as below:

  • Design your own heroic minifig with unique brawling abilities;
  • Build ridiculous power-ups out of bricks;
  • Work with your team to control iconic LEGO levels;
  • Compete in 8 different arenas, including classic favourites like Castle and newcomers like Jurassic World;
  • Expand your collection of minifigs and power-ups;
  • Become the ultimate brawler!

LEGO Brawls will release at retail and digitally on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch worldwide on 2nd September 2022.

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