Compete Online In Golf With Your Friends On Nintendo Switch

Golf With Your Friends Logo

Team17 and Blacklight Interactive have announced that Golf With Your Friends is in development for Nintendo Switch.

With the chance to compete against up to 12 players in online multiplayer, your putting skills will be challenged in more than 10 levels each with their own theme and location – such as tranquil forests, haunted houses and outer space.

You can hinder how other players progress in custom game modes with powerups that can throw honey on the course, turn their ball into a square, or freeze them on the spot.

With unlockable skins, hats and golf ball trails, there are other modes to play that can see the golf hole swapped out for a basketball hoop or a hockey goal.

“We are thrilled to announce Golf With Your Friends is making its way onto consoles,” enthuses Blacklight Interactive lead developer Kailan Clark. “We’re excited for players to get their hands on our game and have fun playing golf with their friends!”

Team17 head of publishing Max Everingham adds: “After the amazing success of Golf With Your Friends on Steam Early Access, Team17 is excited to offer you the chance to play crazy golf with up to 11 of your friends on console.”

Golf With Your Friends will release on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch worldwide in 2020.

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