Compete In Super UFO Fighter On Nintendo Switch

Super UFO Fighter Logo

Phoenixx and VV-LABO have confirmed a release date for their head-to-head party action game Super UFO Fighter on Nintendo Switch.

You will have the chance to compete in an intergalactic one-on-one showdown, where flying saucer pilots battle it out to receive the coveted Galactic Shwoop Master Title.

To secure it, you will need to smash open capsules to find items that can raise the enemy’s goal or lower your own. The Target item can be flung into your opponent’s goal using the Shwoop Beam to score, or you can use the UFO’s smash attack to keep the enemy from scoring.

Whether competing in local or online multiplayer – with cross-platform support between Nintendo Switch and Steam – there are six colourful arenas to battle it out in, such as Bubbletopia Palace and Corner Caboodle.

There is also a single-player story mode to learn the ropes in, and a Super Ball mode in which each competitor must get an explosive ball to the other side of the screen before the timer runs out. Fail, and the unfortunate UFO will be blown up.

“We got so much great feedback from our appearances in our November showcases that motivated us to make Super UFO Fighter even better,” explains VV-LABO main programmer and art director Taro Masuda. “We’re sorry you had to wait longer than you expected, but we’re ready for you to enter our universe of colourful competition!”

Super UFO Fighter will release digitally on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch worldwide on 14th July 2022.

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