Command Your Army In Ancestors Legacy On Nintendo Switch This Month

Ancestors Legacy Logo

Destructive Creations has announced that Ancestors Legacy will release on Nintendo Switch.

This real-time strategy game has been influenced by historical events in the Middle Ages and will see you command an army as you set out to conquer Medieval Europe.

With four nations to choose between – Viking, Anglo-Saxon, German and Slav – you will raid and pillage enemy camps, villages and towns.

With a need to take strategic advantage of your surrounding environment, the experience “combines resource management and base building with large-scale, squad-based battles across vast battlefields.”

It comes to the portable home console with support for playing with either a controller or touch screen input.

Ancestors Legacy will release on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch worldwide on 11th June 2020, and will release at retail “in selected retail stores across Europe, the Americas and Asia” later this year.

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