Coming-Of-Age Puzzler Embracelet Out On Nintendo Switch This September

Embracelet Screenshot

Machineboy has announced that their coming-of-age puzzle adventure Embracelet will release on Nintendo Switch this September.

Dealing with family, friendship, love, loss and a mysterious, magical bracelet, Embracelet follows a lonely teenage boy who travels to a small island in Northern Norway in an effort to learn why his grandfather left.

That will see the boy attempt to unravel the mystery behind a bracelet and the power it has to affect the world around him. He will also meet a community that continues to be torn between old traditions and new, invasive industries. 

 “I grew up in a small village north of the arctic circle, and have always thought this setting would be exciting, exotic and interesting to put in a game,” explains developer and composer Mattis Folkestad. “While most games today are made of teams of tens and even hundreds of people, Embracelet is the work of only one person.

“My experience with my previous game, Milkmaid of the Milky Way, and all the lovely feedback that game garnered pushed me to create an even bigger, more ambitious game. I wanted to create a gentle, interesting game that you want to play all the way to the end. With so many endless, never-ending games-as-a-service I hope Embracelet will be a breath of fresh air.”

Embracelet will release on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch worldwide in September 2020.

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