Comical Puzzler Thomas Was Alone Out On Nintendo Switch This Month

Thomas Was Alone Logo

Bithell Games has revealed that their award-winning, comical puzzle-platformer Thomas Was Alone will soon see release on Nintendo Switch.

With a BAFTA award-winning voiceover read “wistfully and amusingly” by Danny Wallace, you will set out on a journey about friendship, jumping, floating and anti-gravity.

That will see you guide the world’s first sentient AIs through a series of obstacles, combining each rectangle’s skills in their effort to reach the end of the level and make their escape.

With Ant Workshop stepping in to assist with the port, the Nintendo Switch version will also include the additional level pack Benjamin’s Flight – following the tale of Benjamin and his father’s incredible invention – and a Director’s Commentary by creator Mike Bithell.

Thomas Was Alone will release on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch worldwide on 19th February 2021.

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