Comic Coloring Book: Complete Edition Physical Version Hits GameStop

Comic Coloring Book: Complete Edition Logo

RedDeer.Games has teamed up with Planet Entertainment to produce a physical edition for Comic Coloring Book: Complete Edition on Nintendo Switch.

Now available at GameStop across the United States, this is described as “a beautiful and colourful game for kids that allows them to unleash their artistic creativity and imagination.”

The game follows a boy and a girl who discover two toys – a robot and an alpacorn – that magically come to life and become their best friends. Together, they will experience “amazing stories about friendship, helping others and the joy of life.”

You will find 92 illustrations in the comics library and even have the chance to create your own comic book. Their adventures range from travelling to a land of sweets, into the depths of the sea to become mermaids, playing in the snow or even exploring outer space.

There is also the chance to “draw without borders,” with eight blank comics to fill in using painting tools to create your own characters, animals and stickers to build your own story.

The publisher has outlined the game’s key features as below:

  • Great fun for children – and an excellent way to introduce them to comics;
  • 23 stories, each consists 4 graphics – making a total of 92 coloring pages;
  • Best tool for children to express their creativity – while improving their motor skills and awareness of colors and shapes;
  • Beautiful drawings – created by an artist with many years of experience in making illustrations for children;
  • Stickers!

Comic Coloring Book: Complete Edition is now available at retail and digitally on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch worldwide.

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