Colt Canyon Coming To Nintendo Switch On June 16th

Colt Canyon Logo

Headup and Retrific Game Studio have confirmed a release date for Colt Canyon on Nintendo Switch, a 2D pixel art twin-stick shooter with roguelike elements.

You control a cowboy (or cowgirl) who must save their partner who has been kidnapped by ruthless bandits.

Armed with a revolver, knife, and TNT, that will challenge you to shoot your way through a hostile canyon crammed with hidden treasures, weapons, obstacles, and bloodthirsty enemies.

While the canyon’s basic layout is handcrafted, everything else is randomized. And, with permadeath, roguelike gameplay, and unlockable characters, that means that every run will be different.

There’s the chance to team up with another player in local co-op, working together to find new weapons, ammo and kidnapped people who you can rescue to earn upgrades.

Colt Canyon will release on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch worldwide on 16th June 2020.

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