Colors Live Lets You Paint With A Pressure-Sensitive Pen On Nintendo Switch

Colors Live Screenshot

Collecting Smiles has revealed that Colors Live is in development for Nintendo Switch, looking to deliver a “natural painting experience” on the portable home console.

The Kickstarter campaign is nearly over, with 2,276 backers having pledged £108,668 at the time of writing, surpassing the project’s goal and allowing the developer to continue working towards completing the game.

Colors Live will introduce a new single-player mode called Colors Quest, which will challenge you to paint something based on a set theme and other rules every day.

The game will be bundled with the Colors SonarPen, a pressure-sensitive pen that has been created in collaboration with GreenBulb to improve the experience.

“The Nintendo Switch is a fantastic device and many people have asked me to bring Colors over to it. However, I didn’t really want to, unless I could make a better version than Colors! 3D. Without a stylus, I would have to rely on finger-painting which is not something I think is very fun,” explains Colors! creator Jens Andersson.

“Then, a little bit more than a year ago, an inventor friend of mine in Hong Kong contacted me. When I saw the Pressure-Sensitive Pen that he was working on, I realized that this would be perfect for the Switch. Together with him, we have now developed the Colors SonarPen.”

Now successfully backed, Colors Live is targeted for release on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch worldwide in August 2020.

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