Codemasters: GRID 2 could head to Wii U

grid 2 wii u

British studio Codemasters may bring GRID 2 to Wii U, sharing that such decision remains to be undecided.

That’s according to associate producer Iain Smith, who was discussing the project following its announcement last month.

“It’s not being ruled out certainly,” Smith explained to Joystiq, “And certainly [that applies] across all Codemasters titles. Some platforms are more appropriate for certain types of games, but we just have to make decisions as and when they’re appropriate. We can’t say too much more at the moment.”

GRID 2 is currently confirmed to release for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC, yet Smith added that “there’s every opportunity at some point down the line” for the game to come to Wii U.

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