Code of Princess announced for Nintendo 3DS

Code of Princess 3DS

A new action-RPG titled Code of Princess is to be released for Nintendo 3DS in Japan early next year, Agatsuma Entertainment have announced today.

Former Capcom artist Kinu Nishimura, acclaimed for her work on the Street Fighter series, has partnered with the original development team of SEGA’s Guardian Heroes, to create a unique and invigorating fantasy world.

Alongside the announcement, the studio has detailed four characters set to appear within the game. Solange Blanche Fleur de Lys, wields a holy sword given to her by her father and is the princess of the game’s title. Her kingdom lies in ruins, and she sets out to battle foes in an effort to restore it.

Next up is Ari Vuavua, a thief. She’s described as having the appearance and personality of a tomboy, yet is a good person deep inside although can be blunt at times.

A zombie girl known as Lady Zozo is next, who made herself immortal so that she may study the darkest depths of magic. She’s reserved, more than likely due to the fact she has no tongue, yet can cast spells due to a magic skull that hangs from her staff.

Lastly there’s Allegro Nantabile Cantabile who is both an elf and a bard. She always attempts to get the attention of others and is excessively preoccupied. She may use her guitar to both entertain and as a weapon, releasing deadly soundwaves to damage her foes.

Whilst little more is known about the game, Agatsuma Entertainment have stated that it will feature multiplayer support for up to four players.

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