CNN: Nintendo “tone deaf” in embracing new gaming trends


In an article titled “Nintendo’s big problem,” CNN have regurgitated ill-conceived methods geared toward reversing the company’s fortunes.

It’s writer, Adrian Covert, doesn’t waste any time in aiming for the juggular either, labelling Nintendo as having “always been a little tone deaf when it comes to detecting and embracing new gaming trends.” Despite, y’know, largely being the market leader throughout the company’s history.

Yet Covert believes the Wii U to be “convoluted,” even going as far to say that it is “less innovative compared to technologies like Microsoft’s Kinect camera.”

It’s another viewpoint that similarly lambasts Nintendo’s decision not to engage with expanding mobile platforms, concluding that their continual oversights have “left them lagging far behind their peers in present times.”

Whilst the Wii U’s struggles can’t be denied, the console hasn’t been at retail long and Nintendo aren’t a company prepared to rest on their laurels when they know there are issues to address.

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