CNET wrongly list Wii U among 2013’s worst holiday gifts


If you’re a company looking to recover consumer interest in a product that has been selling less than admirably, having it voted the one of the worst gifts by a prominent site doesn’t exactly help.

CNET’s 2013 Holiday Gift Guide has proposed just that, with the site’s senior editor Donald Bell turning his attention to products you should “absolutely avoid,” the Wii U placing fourth in such list.

“We’ve waited a long time for this dud,” he begins. “Nintendo has already slashed the price down to $300, and I’m willing to bet that it’ll be on firesale by the time the holidays role around. But trust me, there are only two game consoles anyone wants this year. And Wii U isn’t one of them, sorry guys.”

Harsh. It’s a low blow, and one that isn’t particularly backed up by any substantial evidence, dismissing the varied and well-calculated first-party software slate that Nintendo has prepared leading into the Christmas season. And that’s without making mention of the new Wii U bundles, which are of far more value compared to the company’s next-gen competitors, and it’s an entirely different story.

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  1. Without sounding like too much of an angry fanboy, this guy is an idiot who will be reporting the exact same news about PS4 or Xbone next year without realising that the games people want are about to be released. I’m sure the Wii U isn’t as appealing to a gamer at the moment but PS3 and 360 are by far the best consoles to own at the moment. PS4 and Xbone are going to leave lots of gamers cold with their limited year one libraries.

  2. Harsh comment by Nintendo haters at CNET. Seriously are we three year olds that need to name call because new consoles are coming out with the same year end sludge. I mean I love Call of Duty and Assassin’s Creed, but there really are no must have games for either PS4 or Xbox One at launch here. The best games for PS4 and One are not coming until around May 2014. It’s not like the Wii U is terrible hardware, it has just been slow to get what any new console needs, a great game library. This isn’t uncommon and the PS4 and One will take time to get great libraries as well. For Wii U there is already a great Zelda remake, in two weeks a brand new 3D Mario game with multiplayer, an HD return of the popular Wii Sports and Fit series, and new Donkey Kong, Mario Kart, and Smash Brothers within about six months from now. If I didn’t already have a Wii U, I would not be against receiving one as a gift.

  3. I’m planning to get a Wii U this holiday. I’m sure that the Wii U is a great system, and pin pointing that it’s a terrible system. Why? Sure that is not the fact that the library it is very weak. I know Nintendo has been struggling to push the system, but I think that in order to capture gamers (especially the ones that grew up with Nintendo) they need to start development for new F-Zero, Pilot Wings, Metroid, Mario Kart, Contra, Legend of Zelda, Smash Bro, Pokemon, STAR FOX!!!, And yes I know that a lot of these games are in development, but this are the games that Nintendo should have started off, and not games that are already in other systems. And no, Im not exited about the PS4 nor the Xbox One, I dont even have a PS3 and the Xbox library is not appealing and I’m sure that first Gen is just going to break like with its predecessors.

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