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Club Nintendo’s August downloadable rewards revealed

Nintendo of America are looking to keep fans busy over summer, revealing Club Nintendo is offering eight downloadable rewards rather than the usual four up for grabs.

Those that will largely draw the most attention are Star Fox 64 and Super Mario Bros. 2, although the game selection caters to all tastes with the likes of Nintendo Baseball, Puzzle League Express and Vegas Stakes.

The complete list of August’s downloadable rewards is as follows:
* Dr. Mario Express (3DS Virtual Console) – 200 Coins
* Excitebike (Wii U Virtual Console) – 200 Coins
* Mario Golf (3DS Virtual Console) – 200 Coins
* Nintendo Baseball (3DS Virtual Console) – 150 Coins
* Puzzle League Express (Nintendo DSiWare on 3DS) – 200 Coins
* Star Fox 64 (Wii Virtual Console or Wii Mode on Wii U) – 250 Coins
* Super Mario Bros. 2 (Wii U Virtual Console) – 200 Coins
* Vegas Stakes (Wii Virtual Console or Wii Mode on Wii U) – 250 Coins

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