Club Nintendo to add Mario Kart 8 CD, Captain Toad figure and more


Nintendo of Europe have waved another fond farewell to Club Nintendo in an email blast to members, choosing such opportunity to outline new items that will be added to their Stars Catalogue.

Nintendo’s email reads:

“Dear Nintendo fan,

“Thank you for your ongoing support of Nintendo.

“We’re working hard to create a new membership programme, which we plan to launch later this year. This new membership programme will replace Club Nintendo, so we will discontinue Club Nintendo according to the schedule published on the Nintendo website.

“Thank you for all your support. As Stars in your account will expire on September 30th 2015, please make sure you use them before this date. There are plenty of unique and exclusive items already available in the Stars Catalogue, and we’ll keep adding more over the coming months. Download codes for dozens of Wii U and Nintendo 3DS game are also available, so there’s plenty to spend your Stars on before September 30th 2015.”

As to precisely what they’re looking to add, Nintendo of Europe detail a raft of returning items that include the Luigi’s Mansion 2 Diorama and several Mario Kart 7 trophies. But it will be the new additions that draw more interest, seeing an adorable Captain Toad Figurine Lamp, Mario Kart 8 Original Soundtrack CD, and a sentimental Club Nintendo Goodbye Coin on the way.

Here’s the run down:

New items
* Captain Toad Figurine Lamp
* Club Nintendo Game Card Case – 2nd Edition
* Club Nintendo Goodbye Coin
* Kirby’s Dream Blanket
* Mario Kart 8 – Original Soundtrack
* Super Mario Baddies Eco Shopping Bag
* Super Mario Card Matching Game
* Super Mario Coaster Sets

Returning items
* Mario Kart 7 Trophy – Banana
* Mario Kart 7 Trophy – Leaf
* Mario Kart 7 Trophy – Lightning
* Mario Kart 7 Trophy – Mushroom
* Mario Kart 7 Trophy – Shell
* Mario Kart 7 Trophy – Special
* Luigi’s Mansion 2 Diorama
* The Legend of Zelda Carry Case


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  1. I wish there was a more concrete “when” for these items. I’d love that Captain Toad lamp.

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