Claws Of Furry Out On Nintendo Switch In September

Claws of Furry Key Art

Terahard has announced that Claws of Furry will release on Nintendo Switch next month, their beat ’em up style co-op action game.

With several modes that include Rogue-like, Arena, Pussycat amd Local co-op, up to four players can take on the roles of vigilante ninja-cats on a mission to rescue their master from the evil clas of an unknown boss.

That will see you punch, scratch and claw your way through 50 levels of cat-astrophic mayhem that take place in four environments that have all been created with a beautiful hand-painted art style.

Teamwork will be paramount for you to take down enemies efficiently, with fallen teammates relying on you to revive them so that they can get back in the fight.

Claws of Furry will release on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch on September 4th.

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