Classic Raimon High player passwords for Inazuma Eleven GO: Shadow & Light


With Inazuma Eleven GO: Shadow & Light having released in early June, Nintendo have shared player passwords that will allow you to expand your team.

The four passwords provided will allow you to add Raimon Eleven legends Shawn Froste, Caleb Stonewall, Nathan Swift and Jack Wallside to your crop of players, each having appeared throughout the original Inazuma Eleven trilogy.

We were full of praise for Inazuma Eleven GO: Shadow & Light in our review, declaring it as a “return to form for the series.”

The passwords for the 3DS exclusive are as follows:
Shawn Froste – nOWVoA0qz
Caleb Stonewall – yhJpfkSQJ
Nathan Swift – Ph9pYDwpQ
Jack Wallside – f3wBfGa3x

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