Circadian City Receives New Gameplay Trailer

Circadian City Screenshot

Way Down Deep and Nowhere Studios have released a new gameplay trailer for Circadian City, which is coming to Nintendo Switch next year.

The developer has taken inspiration from Stardew Valley, The Sims, and Don’t Starve for this life simulation game, in which your character moves to a big city after graduating from university.

You must “strike the perfect balance of love and friendship with exploration of the subconscious to live your best life.” That will require that you dare to dream big, striving to achieve your goals each day in Circadian City’s urban utopia.

After cooking breakfast, you will head out into the world to work, meet up with friends, shop for a new book, watch the latest movie release, or dip your toe into a dating pool that has “both hetero and LGBTQ romantic options.”

Your relationships require care and attention, and will need you to cultivate shared interests whether that be gardening, music, or movies. Whereas quests that you complete will help you to become closer friends.

There’s also a procedurally generated dream world to explore. Here, you can build a farm and “craft items with the power to shape the subconscious.” There are creatures to challenge in mini-games and crystals to collect that can open up new missions.

“Dreams are an important part of our lives, helping us process daily happenings and become better people,” explains Nowhere Studios founder and designer Burak Tezateser. “With Circadian City, we wanted to be the first game to capture that loop, creating a life sim with a different perspective on what life is and what it can be.”

Circadian City will release on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch worldwide in Q3 2021.

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