Child of Light’s tale continues with free Reginald the Great illustrated art book


This week marks a year since Ubisoft’s fanciful Child of Light was released, with the publisher marking such occasion by sharing free illustrated art book, Child of Light: Reginald The Great.

This continues the tale by following Robert’s son, Reginald, who sets out on an adventure to determine his purpose in life. Exploring Child of Light’s fairy tale world, Reginald will encounter Roberta in a dark and forbidding dungeon, with readers to discover what awaits them in this short story.

“From the start, we wanted to explore Lemuria from different perspectives and protagonists. The illustrated books are set a couple of years after the event of the game,” comments Ubisoft’s creative director Patrick Plourde.

“Since the game was released, we received hundreds of illustrations and cosplay pictures from our amazing community. We also received very touching letters on how the game helped some of our fans in their lives, too. For all this, we want to say thank you. This illustrated book is our gift to them.”

You can download the illustrated art book as a free PDF through Child of Light’s official website.

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