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Child of Light’s tale continues with free Reginald the Great illustrated art book

This week marks a year since Ubisoft’s fanciful Child of Light was released, with the publisher marking such occasion by sharing free illustrated art book, Child of Light: Reginald The Great. Th...

Child Of Light Review

We’re increasingly being treated to some rather exceptional releases through the Nintendo eShop on Wii U, and in Child of Light, we find that this exuberantly charming coming of age fairytale is...

9 Amazing

Child of Light’s tale explored in final developer diary

Ubisoft have shared the final part in their developer diary series delving into the creation of Child of Light, named ‘A Modern Fairy Tale’. This sees writer Jeffrey Yohalem and creative d...


New Child of Light trailer will leave you spellbound

We’ve known for a while that Ubisoft’s Child of Light is looking absolutely sumptuous, but never more so than in this latest trailer. Within we’re taken on a tour of the game’s...


Child of Light developer diary explores the game’s creation

Ubisoft have shared the first developer diary for the Nintendo eShop destined Child of Light. This sees creative director Patrick Plourde and writer Jeffrey Yohalem discuss the game’s creation, ...


Child of Light sparks new Co-op trailer

Ubisoft have release a wondrous trailer for Child of Light, which is destined for release through the Nintendo eShop next month. The Wii U title, which has been beautifully woven using the publisher&#...


Child of Light graces the Nintendo eShop on April 30th

Ubisoft have confirmed that their turn-based RPG Child of Light will see release for Wii U through the Nintendo eShop on April 30th. Players will descend to the magical world of Lemuria within this Ub...


Child of Light shines in new gameplay walkthrough video

Let lead programmer Brianna Code guide you through the intricacies of Child of Light’s magical world, in this new gameplay walkthrough video that has been released by Ubisoft. Within you’l...


Ubisoft announce Child of Light for Wii U

Promised to be a “re-imagining of classic fairytales,” Ubisoft have announced plans to release Child of Light for Wii U next year. Currently in development at Ubisoft Montreal, the Nintend...

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