Chigorasu, Amarusu, Torimian and Nyonikusu join Pokémon X & Y


Mega Mewtwo X, Mega Garchomp and new Fairy-type Pokémon information weren’t all that this month’s issue of CoroCoro magazine has revealed.

We’ve four new Pokémon to gaze longingly at, though only their Japanese names are currently known: Chigorasu, Amarusu, Torimian and Nyonikusu.

Rock and Dragon-type Chigorasu and Amarusu, a Rock and Ice-type, are both new fossil Pokémon, looking like a T-Rex and Diplodocus respectively. Chigorasu has the ability Hard Jaw which increases the attack power of Bite moves, whereas Amarusu has an ability called Freeze Skin which makes Normal-type moves become Ice-type, raising their power in the process.

We also see the unannounced Pokémon we saw during last week’s Nintendo Direct, which is called Torimian. It’s a Normal-type with a customisable appearance, and has a new ability called Fur Coat which reduces any physical damage taken.

Lastly we have a Psychic-type cat known as Nyaonikusu, which has different appearances dependent on whether the Pokémon is male or female. Moves are different between genders, with the male more of a supportive Pokémon whilst the female has more attacking moves.

[Thanks Serebii]

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