Chess Ultra Makes A Move On Nintendo Switch


Ripstone has revealed that they will release Chess Ultra on Nintendo Switch, the first game to be crafted by the publisher’s in-house development team.

With stunning environments and beautiful chess sets, such as a Fire and Brimstone set that literally burns, there are over 80 chess puzzles, 10 Grandmaster approved AI levels, local and online multiplayer with an ELO ranking system, historical matches, in-depth tutorials and comprehensive time controls – including Classical, Blitz and Marathon.

Ripstone also teases “Nintendo specific features,” that they promise to reveal more about soon.

“The team here at Ripstone are delighted to bring Chess Ultra to Nintendo Switch, it gives players a completely different, intuitive way to play the game,” enthused Matt Southern, head of development at Ripstone.

“There’s a lot of lifelong Nintendo fans in the studio, and we love being able to support the console.”

Chess Ultra will release on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch worldwide this year.

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