Chesnaught, Delphox and Greninja are Pokémon X & Y starter’s final forms


It’s more than likely that the majority of you are busily playing through either Pokémon X or Pokémon Y, but Nintendo have rounded up their build up to the worldwide launch by revealing the final forms for each of the new starter Pokémon.

Grass-type starter Chespin firstly evolves to become Quilladin, but after which its final form is the rather titan-esque Chesnaught.

Meanwhile Fire-type starter Fennekin, after evolving to Braixen, becomes the sultry vixen Delphox. We’re still unsure as to why it resorts to carrying a fiery torch around with it when it’s more than capable of breathing fire itself, but that’s a question best left for the Pokédex to answer…

Lastly, those that opt for Water-type starter Froakie, after seeing it evolve to Frogadier, will discover a rather ninja-like final form in that of Greninja. The clue’s in the name I guess, but it’s my favourite final form of the bunch.

What do you think of each?

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  1. I remember months ago when everyone thought it would be Grass/Dark and Water/Fighting, and at first when i found it was reversed, i didnt like it. But now I’ve warmed up to it, and i’m still gonna pick Froakie because:
    1. I always pick the water starter
    2. Greninja looks like he’ll have high attack, spec. attack, and speed.

    If i get both games, i’ll probably pick Chespin in the other one too.

  2. I kinda dont like how Chesnaught looks like a mummy o.o … i also dont like its color lol. why majorly White?? although the shell looks cool hehe

  3. This is probably the first generation where the fire starter is the least chosen.

  4. At first i didn’t think i would like fennekin’s final evolution but i played through some of the game and evolved it. It’s a useful pokemon and I’ve come to like it a lot.

  5. well, at least this image can be used now so that people know where the stick went for Delphox ahaha

  6. Other than greninja, they kinda suck, theyre not as cool as the other ones. Maybe you can do a contest for poeple to create their thought of a starter pokemon.


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