Chesnaught, Delphox and Greninja are Pokémon X & Y starter’s final forms


It’s more than likely that the majority of you are busily playing through either Pokémon X or Pokémon Y, but Nintendo have rounded up their build up to the worldwide launch by revealing the final forms for each of the new starter Pokémon.

Grass-type starter Chespin firstly evolves to become Quilladin, but after which its final form is the rather titan-esque Chesnaught.

Meanwhile Fire-type starter Fennekin, after evolving to Braixen, becomes the sultry vixen Delphox. We’re still unsure as to why it resorts to carrying a fiery torch around with it when it’s more than capable of breathing fire itself, but that’s a question best left for the Pokédex to answer…

Lastly, those that opt for Water-type starter Froakie, after seeing it evolve to Frogadier, will discover a rather ninja-like final form in that of Greninja. The clue’s in the name I guess, but it’s my favourite final form of the bunch.

What do you think of each?

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  1. I remember months ago when everyone thought it would be Grass/Dark and Water/Fighting, and at first when i found it was reversed, i didnt like it. But now I’ve warmed up to it, and i’m still gonna pick Froakie because:
    1. I always pick the water starter
    2. Greninja looks like he’ll have high attack, spec. attack, and speed.

    If i get both games, i’ll probably pick Chespin in the other one too.

  2. I kinda dont like how Chesnaught looks like a mummy o.o … i also dont like its color lol. why majorly White?? although the shell looks cool hehe

  3. At first i didn’t think i would like fennekin’s final evolution but i played through some of the game and evolved it. It’s a useful pokemon and I’ve come to like it a lot.

  4. Other than greninja, they kinda suck, theyre not as cool as the other ones. Maybe you can do a contest for poeple to create their thought of a starter pokemon.

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