Cheer, Cooperate And Construct In Bonkies On Nintendo Switch

Bonkies Logo

Crunching Koalas and Studio Gauntlet have announced that Bonkies will soon see release on Nintendo Switch.

Pitched as “a jolly, couch co-op party game with a pinch of construction building,” you will equip your banana-fuelled jetpack and powerful robo-arm before quirky buildings all over the cosmos.

With single and multiplayer campaigns on offer, you must team up to stack wacky blocks so that they fit a given outline.

Success will “require cooperation, quick wits, agility, and coordination,” with the developer looking to deliver a “light-hearted and joyful take on construction builders” that remains challenging.

Bonkies will release on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch worldwide in Q1 2021.

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