Cheat To Win In Screencheat: Unplugged On Nintendo Switch This Week

Screencheat: Unplugged Screenshot

Samurai Punk has announced that Screencheat: Unplugged will release on Nintendo Switch this week, a chaotic party split-screen first-person shooter where everyone is invisible.

With improvements made compared to the original release, a “graphical overhaul with more vibrant and clear visuals” means that the game has the portable home console’s screen in mind.

Up to four players can compete with a single Joy-Con, Joy-Con pair or Nintendo Switch Pro controller, you must fight to survive on new and remixed maps with remastered weapons.

Whether in modes like My First Deathmatch, Hillcampers, Murder Mystery or the confetti-filled piñata-based Capture the Fun, you will come to rely on one-hit kill weapons like blunderbusses, hobby horses, candelabras and explosive teddy bears to eliminate your rivals.

And, as all characters are invisible, players must glance at their opponents’ screens to work out where they are located.

“Screencheat is a special party game that puts an inventive spin on a familiar experience,” explains Samurai Punk managing director Nicholas McDonnell. “Our team are huge fans of the Switch, and its multiplayer focus in particular, so creating this new version of the game made perfect sense.”

Screencheat: Unplugged will release on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch on November 29th priced at £10.79 (€11.99 / $12.99) with a 25 percent pre-order discount now available.

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