Chasm Teased For Nintendo Switch

Chasm Artwork

Bit Kid Inc. has teased that they are working on porting Chasm to Nintendo Switch, their procedurally-generated action-adventure game that challenges you to explore the depths beneath a remote mountain town.

You play as a new recruit who undertakes their first mission for the Guildean Kingdom, and, eager to prove their worth as a knight, investigate rumours that a mine that is vital to the kingdom has been shut down.

What you discover is worse, in that the townspeople have been kidnapped by supernatural creatures that have started to emerge from the depths.

Now honour-bound to solve the mystery, you will brave the mine to battle the cunning monsters that dwell within it. And, while the story is the same for all players, your journey will be unique, with the hand-designed rooms stitched together to make a world map that is your own to explore.

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