Charmander Ignites Build-A-Bear Workshop Pokémon Collection

After success with their Pikachu and Eevee designs, Build-A-Bear Workshop has teamed up with The Pokémon Company to produce a fiery Charmander toy.

At present, this is available as an online exclusive Charmander Set that’s priced at £44 ($61), which presents the chance to secure an exclusive outfit and Charmander sound chip.

The complete set will let you buy the Charmander soft toy, an exclusive Charmander sound chip, a Great Ball Hoodie, an exclusive Lucario Hoodie, and a Build-A-Bear Workshop exclusive Charmander Pokémon TCG card.

Those that cherish the Build-A-Bear Workshop experience can make their Charmander from scratch in-store from Thursday 8th December, where it will be priced standalone at $28. The Great Ball Hoodie will also be sold separately, priced at $12.50.

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