Chaos Subsumes The Living In Ever Oasis Opening Cutscene


It isn’t long until we can explore a brand new world from Secret of Mana creator Koichi Ishii, in Ever Oasis.

GameXplain has started playing the Nintendo 3DS exclusive, and has shared the opening cutscene that provides context around the game’s backstory.

“Long ago, the land was nothing more than desolate sand and harsh sun. Creatures known as Seedlings called this vast desert home. These gentle beings are born with a tiny seed buried deep in their hearts,” the narrative unravels.

“With the blessing of water, they harvested their seeds, gradually inviting greenery to the desert. Elsewhere in the desert, an entity known as Chaos ravaged the land. This Chaos subsumed the souls of living creatures, transforming them into feral monsters. The Seedlings lived in constant fear of the formless, erratic Chaos.

“One day, a brave Seedling rose up, protecting all from Chaos with the seed of a Great Tree. This Seedling of the Great Tree allied with a water spirit to create an oasis of exceeding beauty, crested by a rainbow. The light of the opalescent rainbow enveloped the oasis, driving Chaos to the fringes.

“Since then, Seedlings born with the gift of the Great Tree have risen up, growing lush oases in the desert wide. Seedlings have been able to thrive and provide safety and sustenance to weary travellers with respect to the Great Tree.”

Ever Oasis will release exclusively for Nintendo 3DS worldwide on June 23rd.

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