Changes Seasons In Fox N Forests On Nintendo Switch Next Month

Fox N Forests Screenshot

EuroVideo and Bonus Level Entertainment have announced when Fox N Forests will release on Nintendo Switch, a 16-bit style action platformer that is described as an ode to the golden era of gaming.

It has looked to take all the best and beloved elements from 16-bit games and combine them with modern game design, a chiptune soundtrack, and a nostalgic look and feel.

You play as Rick the Fox who, armed with a magical crossbow, must master the weapon’s powerful ability to change between two seasons in each level. That will let you create new platforms out of falling leaves in autumn, freeze your surroundings in winter, and use other powers at his disposal, as you work to bring the mystery of the fifth season to light.

To coincide with the announcement, a new gameplay trailer has been released that shows Rick the Fox working his way through the Fungus Forest.

Fox N Forests will release on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch worldwide on May 17th.

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