Change The World With Color In Hue On Nintendo Switch This Week

Hue Screenshot

Curve Digital and Fiddlesticks have revealed that Hue will release on Nintendo Switch this week.

The award-winning puzzle-platformer sees you play as the titular Hue, who must set out to discover where his mother has disappeared to

On that journey, he will meet characters that only see the world in shades of grey. But, as he starts to recover his mother’s discarded research, Hue unlocks the ability to see the world’s hidden colors.

This power can be used to transform the game world to manipulate objects, unlock new areas, and interact with the environment.

On Nintendo Switch, players will have access to accessibility options such as the colorblind mode – which uses symbols as a color aid – and to remap the button inputs.

Hue will release on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch worldwide on June 6th priced at £9.99 (€9.99 / $9.99), with a 20 percent launch discount available until June 19th.

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