Change Between Realities In Dream Alone On Nintendo Switch


Fat Dog Games has announced that Dream Alone will release on Nintendo Switch, a dark, Tim Burton-esque 2D platformer with puzzle mechanics.

When a mysterious sickness strikes a quiet village, the villagers, one by one, fall into a coma. And, when his family becomes affected by the disease, a young boy named Irra sets out on a dangerous journey to find the mythical Lady Death, who is believed to have powers that can prevent or even reverse it.

That journey will take players through areas such as a forest, cemetery, battlefield, with each having an alternate reality. The player can jump into these to overcome obstacles that block their path and will have the chance, on occasion, to create a clone of themselves.

The tantalising tease is that, as the story unfolds, the player will learn more about Irra’s past, his motivation, and dark secrets…

Dream Alone will release on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch worldwide in 2018.

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