Certain Nintendo Switch Games Will Require MicroSD Card


When revealing their global partnership with Western Digital to create Nintendo-licensed microSD cards for use with the Nintendo Switch, Nintendo had mentioned that additional storage would be required to play certain games.

Within the announcement, the company mentioned that “a microSD card will be needed for certain Nintendo Switch games that contain an especially large amount of content and require additional storage for players to enjoy the full experience.”

NBA 2K18 will be one such release, with the box art being slapped with a message that indicates to consumers that an “Internet download and microSD card required.”

reached out to Nintendo of America for clarification, with a representative explaining that any retail game will have such notices about the microSD requirement on the front and back. Those without a microSD card can still play a portion of the game but will need to purchase one to access the full game.

“If you purchase a physical version of a game that requires an additional microSD memory card, you will be able to play a portion of the game right out of the box (for example, specific levels or modes),” a Nintendo of America representative explained.

“To enjoy the full game, downloading additional data is required. Depending on the storage requirements for each game, it may be necessary to purchase a microSD card to expand storage space. When purchasing a digital version of the game, it may also be necessary to purchase a microSD card depending on the game’s storage requirements and the storage available on the consumer’s Nintendo Switch console.”

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