Cat Café Manager Out On Nintendo Switch Next Week

Cat Café Manager Logo

Freedom Games and Roost Games have announced that Cat Café Manager will release on Nintendo Switch next week.

This “charming restaurant management and feline adoption simulator” welcomes you to Caterwaul Village, and the ramshackle ruins of Granny’s once-thriving café.

You will have the chance to follow in your family’s footsteps to reopen the café, restoring it to its former glory by creating an enticing menu of dishes, decorating its interior and hiring an enthusiastic staff of eager feline enthusiasts to help.

Along the way, you can adopt Caterwaul Village’s four-legged residents to boost the café’s appeal, while learning their personality traits and quirks. Success will let you expand the café to feature more rooms and cats, with mixing and matching your decor and menu to attract different customer groups presenting the opportunity to earn increased profits.

“Cat Café Manager draws inspiration from simulation and management games, with an emphasis on personality, charm, and of course a love for cats,” explains Roost Games lead game designer and writer Rick Sorgdrager. “The colours of the café and variety of mousers offer something for everyone in Caterwaul. We are delighted to welcome players to the village soon when Cat Café Manager arrives on Nintendo Switch and Steam in April!”

Cat Café Manager will release digitally on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch worldwide on 14th April 2022.

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