Castlevania: LOS – Mirror of Fate hides Super Mario easter egg


Fumbling around the sewers of Dracula’s Castle will see players soon stumble upon a rather neat easter egg, hidden away by developer MercurySteam.

As you traverse areas of the Lord of Darkness’ home, you’ll soon discover scrolls left upon fall the corpses of fallen Knights – short messages recalling their ill-fate.

“The terrible state of the pipes down here would perturb even my brother Mario,” one scroll reads.

“Some parts have rusted terribly, whilst others are covered with fungus due to the high humidity. Not all the mushrooms look good to eat either, who knows what might happen if I eat one?”

Our review went live earlier today, in which we wrote: “Astounding at every turn, Mirror of Fate proves an unforgettable experience and ranks as one of the finest handheld entries within Konami’s respected franchise to date.”

Castlevania: Lords of Shadow – Mirror of Fate releases today across North America, and on March 8th in Europe.


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