Cappy Plush Now Available To Pre-Order


Those that have played Super Mario Odyssey will have fallen in love with the Italian mascot’s new companion Cappy, who accompanies him on his quest to save Princess Peach from Bowser’s grandiose wedding plans.

Well, now he can be your companion, too. San-ei Boeki are producing a Cappy plush (£17.32 + shipping) that is based on how the character first appears when Mario chases him down in the Cap Kingdom.

Or, for those looking for something to wear, there is the Cappy hat (£14.31 + shipping) which matches how he appears once he copies Mario’s iconic cap.

For those yet to play the Nintendo Switch exclusive, you can read more about it in our Super Mario Odyssey review where we write:

“Packed with energy, charm, and every trick in the book thrown in, choosing to hop aboard the Odyssey will undoubtedly result in you having the chance to experience one of Mario’s greatest adventures. It’s a perfect reminder of the gaming magic that Nintendo is revered for, and something that they have miraculously been able to bottle twice within a single year.”




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