Capcom shares Hunting Horn tactics for Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate


Whilst a western release of Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate is now on the horizon, Capcom are continuing to provide guidance on advanced tactics for the arsenal of weaponry available to aspiring hunters in Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate.

Their latest video discusses the Hunting Horn, a weapon that was first introduced in Monster Hunter Freedom 2. Whilst it can deal a lot of KO damage to the monsters that you pursue in the wilderness, it has a unique role in that the player can perform songs that can support entire hunting parties by providing attack bonuses or negating stamina loss.

What’s most impressive is that the tips shared within the video have been provided by the knowledgeable Monster Hunter community itself, going that extra mile to help newcomers and more advanced players alike continue to get the most out of Capcom’s adventurous epic.

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  1. Although it is more of an advanced tactic rather than basic, the attacks performed when reciting (actually playing the song) are some of the strongest the HH is capable of.
    So players confident in their understanding of the monster’s movement patterns and the recital movements can play up-close to help their damage output rather than running away to recite.

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