Capcom confirm Ace Attorney 6 set for a western release


Capcom has announced Ace Attorney 6 within the pages of Japan’s Weekly Famitsu magazine this week, sharing that it will shortly be shown at Tokyo Game Show 2015.

The Nintendo 3DS exclusive will be directed by Takeshi Yamazaki, with Capcom confirming that it was “also in development for the west.”

Early scans that have emerged share that Ace Attorney will take place in a country outside of Japan, that hold some belief in remembering the spirits of the dead. Courtrooms will use a water mirror set in the floor, which will serve up a new system introduced in the game.

The article also introduces priest in training Bokuto Tsuani who works as a tour guide, and enjoys talking endlessly about the country. Phoenix Wright is shown to be returning, dressed similarly to that seen in Ace Attorney – Dual Destinies. So, we can assume that this will potentially occur in the timeline following the events of that game.

[Thanks Siliconera]
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