Capcom cast doubt on The Great Ace Attorney localisation


This week may have brought news that Ace Attorney 6 was in development and already set for a western release, but Capcom France has dampened expectation for those hoping that The Great Ace Attorney will similarly be localised.

After the quick confirmation about Ace Attorney 6’s localisation fans queried whether The Great Ace Attorney would follow, to which a Capcom representative simply replied: “Unfortunately the game isn’t planned for a Western release.”

The game serves as a prequel to the Ace Attorney series, taking place in Japan’s Meiji Period in the 19th century and starring Phoenix Wright’s ancestor. He travels to England to further his studies, encountering Sherlock Holmes who will work together with you to solve a mysterious case.

Sherlock Holmes author Arthur Conan Doyle’s estate is notoriously protective over anything that involves the infamous detective, having already accused Miramax and Roadside Attractions of copyright infringement over their film ‘Mr. Holmes’ this year.

It seems that Capcom want their Nintendo 3DS exclusive to avoid a similar fate…

[Thanks NeoGAF]
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