Candle flickers toward Wii U release


Spanish indie developer Teku Studios have confirmed that their dynamic graphic adventure, Candle, will release on Wii U.

The game, which takes inspiration from Out of This World and Abe’s Oddysee, sees you in control of Teku, who must do whatever necessary to ensure the candle he carries isn’t extinguished.

“We really want to take Candle to Next-Gen consoles, so we immediately talked to Nintendo and showed them our precious game,” the developer shared within a project update. “They loved what we are doing at Teku Studios and have already confirmed us to be official Wii U developers! We have already requested the DevKits and should arrive anytime soon, so you can totally say that Wii U is officially a release platform for Candle. Yay!”

Their post continues, “We love Nintendo platforms since our childhood has been full of them, so it was natural for us to go for it. We are already thinking about dedicated gameplay on Wii U – we are not doing any kind of quick port.

“We will design specific gameplay features for its gamepad: all the menus, inventory and minigames will be tactile-controlled on the touchscreen, as well as other unique actions concerning Teku’s candle. We will talk more deeply about this when we start developing all that stuff.”

Adding another console to their development schedule means that they’re looking for additional support through Kickstarter to ensure it can release on Wii U alongside the other proposed versions, although if this isn’t secured it will arrive a few weeks later.

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