Camp Triggerfish added to Splatoon’s stage rotation


Nintendo has announced that Camp Triggerfish has today been added to Splatoon‘s stage rotation.

This sees players battle it out over a series of bridges, which must be crossed to reach the opposing team’s base. These are protected by a set of floodgates, which are lowered when there’s one minute left on the clock to invite a final assault.

“Pack your knapsack because we’re going to camp. Camp Triggerfish, that is!” the Squid Research Lab writes.

“When the Inklings aren’t busy making s’mores or boondoggle key chains, they enjoy the majestic scenery afforded by camping the best way they know how – Turf War! Battles here play out across a series of bridges, which you’ll have to cross to reach your opponents’ turf.

“Each team base at Camp Triggerfish is outfitted with a set of floodgates. When the gates are down, it’s easier for the other team to come and go as they please. In Turf War, the gates lower with one minute left on the clock, leading the way for late-game assaults.

“In Ranked Battle, they stay down so players can come and go as they please. Watch out in Tower Control! The tower’s path is almost always over water and you’ll need to show off your best squid skills to avoid getting dunked.”

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