Call of Duty: Bloodlines & Beyond Destiny Rumoured For Nintendo NX


Silence may still surround Nintendo NX, but that isn’t stopping researchers from gleaning any information that they can lure from talkative sources in the games industry.

After rumblings relating to Electronic Arts and Ubisoft, it is now Activision’s turn as Geno shares his apparent findings regarding the third-party publisher’s plans for the dedicated game platform. But first, remember to grab a pinch of salt.

That will see a new Skylanders game release at launch as well as Call of Duty: Bloodlines, which is believed to be the name for Infinity Ward’s next entry in the blockbuster franchise. Activision’s newfound partnership with PlatinumGames will see their work on licensed properties continue, with Spider-Man: The First Avenger reportedly set to tie in with the new movie and universe.

Nintendo are also providing “hard bargains” to secure Beta access to Beyond Destiny, which is Bungie’s Destiny sequel that is scheduled to see release in Holiday 2017. Activision is equally interested in the move, not only encouraged by NX allowing local and online multiplayer between units at the same time but in “new mainline Pokémon games” being positioned to drive momentum to increase the platform’s installed base.

That will expand their audience in an untapped direction, and, if the deal moves ahead, will see a “complete” version of the first Destiny game on NX in early 2017.

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  1. Im just wondering if the whole activision thing has come out of the relationship they conceived via the skylanders / amiibo supercharged game !

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