Call of Duty: Black Ops “additional fees” explained


Yesterday we reported news that the Wii version of blockbuster title Call of Duty: Black Ops presented the worrying text “Online gaming is subject to an additional fee” on the rear cover.

Whilst initial worry surrounded the heavy rumours that Activision are looking to charge for the multiplayer portion of their popular Call of Duty series, further details within the game manual have now eradicated such doubt with the aforementioned “additional fees” seemingly corresponding to an in-game “Call of Duty Store” where players are able to download further content to expand their experience.

The text within the manual, shared by a NeoGAF member, is as follows:

“Expand your experience with downloadable content from the Call Of Duty Store. All downloaded content includes new features and maps found in Call Of Duty: Black Ops.

**Additional fees may be required for Add-on Content.

This game allows you to connect to the internet and download add-on content (such as data or services) for Wii Points.”

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