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Cake Ninja 2 Review

Cake Ninja 2 is entirely uninspired, and a complete bore to play. There, I’ve said it. It only takes a matter of seconds before you realise that Cypronia, seeing the global popularity of Halfbri...

4 Poor

100,000 Nintendo DSi Points up for grabs in Cake Ninja 2 competition

Those that purchase Nintendo DSiWare title Cake Ninja 2 will be able to compete to win Nintendo DSi Points, developer Cypronia have announced. Having released through the Nintendo eShop and Nintendo D...

Cake Ninja 2 sets sights on Nintendo DSiWare

Dessert slicing action returns as Cake Ninja 2 has been completed and approved for release through the Nintendo DSi Shop and Nintendo eShop, Cypronia have confirmed. The sequel to the 2011’s Cak...

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