Button Control Scheme In ARMS Detailed


We already knew that motion controls were optional in ARMS, but it was unclear how Nintendo would choose to implement button prompts.

Well, we now know. Those with an aversion to motion controls can choose to throw punches using either the triggers or two face buttons, with jump and dash mapped to the other two. Clicking the Left Stick will make your fighter guard, while the stick is also used to control the angle of your punches.

“The true feel of ARMS comes when you’re holding both Joy-Con controllers in the Thumbs-Up grip,” producer Kosuke Yabuki explained to EDGE. “You can throw punches from each hand with real precision as you dash or jump around, allowing for a lot more depth for your fighting style.

“It’s possible to throw a straight punch as a feint for your first blow, then curve your second punch to where your opponent runs to. But ARMS doesn’t require you to use motion controls. I hope people will pick the playstyle that suits them.”

ARMS will release exclusively for Nintendo Switch worldwide on June 16th.

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